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Day Training Camp

Do you work long hours? Is your dog board at home? Has your dog picked up poor behaviors from Doggie Daycare?  Has your dog been kicked out of Doggie Daycare? Do you wish your dog could learn new skills while your busy?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions above we have a great daycare alternative for you!  Guynup's K9 Services offers "Day Training Camp"!  

What is Day Training Camp? 

Day Camp is a training opportunity for your dog!   During your dogs day stay with us they get 60-180+ hours of training, Group Play, Structured walks, Home Manners, field trips and more!  During your dogs stay at our Day Camp they will rotate between our Facility, Home and Play yard. 

What if my Dog doesn't get along with other dogs?
That is totally OK!! Since we are not a Daycare, dogs can easily be accommodated to their pacific needs.  

Will my Dog be kenneled during their stay?
It depends on the dog and what they are used to.  During Day Camp the dogs do get quiet time throughout the day.  These quiet times are held either in a crate (metal or plastic), large 6'x6'x6' run, our 250sqft boarding room, or in our home. 


Camp Hours:


Full Day - Over 5 hours
Half Day - Under 5 hours

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