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LeAnn C. 

Jennifer Guynup dog training and boarding is definitely worth it! I travel often for work. When I decided to get Bruce, I was worried I may have to put my travel plans on hold or risk placing him in a kennel. I rest easy knowing that he is safe and having a blast! I enjoy seeing the extra photos of him while I'm away from home! Not only does she take care of your pup she also gives great advice on new tricks to keep your wiggle butt obedient and mind active. Thanks Jennifer and family!!

Candy O.

Couldn't be more pleased with how Jennifer works with both the humans and the dogs. She keeps things very relaxed and easy going, which makes the training fun and feel easy. 
Our dog Star loves Jennifer, as does our 11 year old son.
She also worked with our schedule, and as homeschoolers, it's great to be able to work during the day time. But the flexibility has been such a blessing. 
So happy and thankful we found her!

Sarah C.

I have trained with Jennifer Guynup and I am so glad I have! She is so good that I am willing to drive 2 hours to train with her! She is helping me get my dog ready for service dog work AND show dog stuff. Jennifer is talented and is quick on her feet. My girl can be complicated and Jennifer easily came up with different ideas to work with her. I will refer Jennifer time and time again for friends looking for a trainer!

Dawn M.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer when my Aussie was just a small little girl. Jennifer was amazing. She was always willing to answer questions and was patient with my mischievous little girl. Nala was always excited to see Jennifer and learn from her. It was always great to see what tricks and training Nala was taught that day.

Karen P.

Jennifer is a fabulous dog trainer who demonstrates love, firmness, patience and great skill. She worked with my Bernie on leash skills, focus games, agility, and basic obedience, --helping him to become a wonderful little dog.

Mandi W.

Jennifer and I worked to together for sometime, she is very attentive to the needs of your pet. She is skilled in many areas of training from the basics, advanced and even special rehab training to get your pet back to its healthy state. All the pets she has trained love her and respond to her methods! She is truly a natural and has an amazing gift! I would highly recommend her!

Mary E.

Jennifer and Spencer took very good care of our dogs. Our request to have them sit was short notice, and they happily set up a meet and greet with us the same day. Jennifer spent time with our dogs to make them feel welcome, and comfortable. We took our dogs for a walk with her dogs, and this seemed to set our Frankie, who is a little unsure about meeting new people and pets, at ease! We received many daily pictures of Maggie and Frankie while we were away which helped ease our minds, allowing us to fully enjoy our time away. We would definitely use their Jennifer's services again!

Carolyn B.

I have known Jennifer Guynup for over a year. She is very patience and wonderful with dogs and puppies. She is always willing to help with questions and show you how to do obedience or tricks. She absolutely loves working with puppies and dogs

Lea B.
Jennifer has been wonderful to our dog.

We have a French Bulldog (6) who has been a stressed dog ever since we got our kids. He feels that he has to protect everyone to the point where he could get aggressive toward other dogs and also people coming into our home. Going on walks was also a problem.

We have seen huge improvement in him. Gaston is now wearing the prong collar and seems more confident to be a better dog. He shows us that he can listen well and that we can feel comfortable again around him. He will need constant attention but the time he spent with Jennifer has been all positive. I think he had the best time of his life there.

Thank you again Jennifer. We hope to continue to come for regular check ups.


Debra S.
Jennifer visited our litter in hopes to find a Collie puppy for a Service Dog client. She was gentle and enthusiastic with each puppy, detailing what she gleaned from responses to the tasks presented. As a breeder, it was wonderful to watch each puppy’s behaviors. Ultimately, the information guided my decisions, matching puppies with new owners/homes. ♥️

Brenda H.

Jennifer is a true professional who knows what she's doing when it comes to dogs . We did the Happy Hound Program to mostly work on getting Tokala to stop barking and jumping at the fence when people and or dogs walk by. Jennifer is very personable, and most importantly, knows how to work with dogs and communicate proper training techniques effectively to their owners. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to get some good quality training.


Abbie R.
Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, knows a ton about dogs and their behaviors and is ever-patient with my special needs daughter. I would HIGHLY recommend Guynup's for any training services you need!

Sydney S.
Love the training programs offered, and Jennifer was able to work with me with financial problems. My dog is learning so fast! Definitely recommend!!!!!!


Sally R.
I would highly recommend Jennifer for anyone looking for a good dog trainer. I signed up for her 3 puppy training package, as we had a 5 month old puppy that we just could not get potty trained. She showed up on time every time and was so great to work with. She is very kind with the animals and my dogs loved her. She would show us what to do then watch as we practiced, while giving great tips along the way. After 3 sessions we have a puppy that is potty trained, and on her way to learning sit, down, and leave it.

Ling-An F.
I am a standard poodle breeder who focus on show quality dog with service temperaments. One of the puppies I bred -Winston is training with Jennifer, and the results are amazing. I love how she cares about the individual dog and shares a lot of inputs and knowledges with me in the personal level. I will recommend anyone who needs a lesson or 1-1 training. She educates human to train their fur kids with kindness and passions.


Amy N.

I’m so pleased with the progress my Mini Aussie has made through the training provided by Jennifer. He has had both private training lessons and board & train. Choosing Guynup’s was such a good decision!

Debra S.
Jennifer visited our litter in hopes to find a Collie puppy for a Service Dog client. She was gentle and enthusiastic with each puppy, detailing what she gleaned from responses to the tasks presented. As a breeder, it was wonderful to watch each puppy’s behaviors. Ultimately, the information guided my decisions, matching puppies with new owners/homes. ♥️


Patty N.
My labradoodle Ollie stayed with Jennifer for a 2 week board and train. Ollie is just 6 months old and made great progress under Jennifer’s training. His leash manners and recall have improved greatly as well as leave it commands,and sit,down,stay. He also learned new command of bed and also door manners. He is so much better with not jumping when greeting people and not mouthing. Jennifer is very professional and an excellent trainer. She was also very accommodating with our schedule and allowed me to change our dates, which I am very appreciative. I am looking forward to continuing to train Ollie with Jennifer.

Jami M.
Jennifer provides effective training. My service dog is coming along very fast. Her program is cost effective. I couldn’t be happier with her services and support.


Angie R.
Guynup's K9 Services helped our 4 month old lab Wren. Our family was at the point of frustration when we made a desperate phone call to Jennifer. She fit us in her busy schedule, came to our house and assessed our puppy. After 1.5 hours with Jennifer we have a changed puppy! I can honestly say Jennifer and her amazing skills has changed our puppy, our home and our family. Thank you for helping us and we look forward to growing in a positive direction with Wren under Jennifer's guidance.

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